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Like many new experiences, the first time you get a tattoo it can be a bit intimidating. Tattoo studios tend to be busy, raucous and full of people who all seem to be covered with tattoos and quite comfortable with the whole experience. You may feel that you should be acting in a certain way – tough or completely blasé about the process. Getting a tattoo is a big deal. It is an invasive procedure on your body and it will last forever. If you are at any time feeling uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to speak up. Most tattooers are well aware of how first timers feel and will be happy to slow down and explain things and make sure you are feeling comfortable with the experience.

We’ve compiled some information about what you can expect (and things to check on or safety) when you go to a tattoo studio for the first time in the links to the right.

SkinINK is designed to be helpful for Australians who are going to get a new tattoo, especially if it’s their first tattoo. On our website you can learn about various styles of tattoos in order to get a better idea of what exactly you want.

If you are an Australian tattoo artist and you did not find yourself in our catalog, then feel free to send us your information and links to samples of your work. If you are a professional tattoo artist with a good portfolio we will post information about you on our website.

Choosing a Tattoo Design in Australia

This really is the first step in the process of getting a tattoo. It is also probably the hardest step. When you are choosing your tattoo design, you should take a few things into consideration. The location on your body, the size, the style and colouring, and the meaning (either symbolic or wording – especially in another script like Chinese!). Read more about this in our Things to Consider When Choosing your Tattoo Design section.

I have always designed my own tattoos or asked friends who are good artists to design one for me. If you are feeling creative, or don’t have any friends who you would trust to draw your design, you might consider looking at ready-made tattoo designs, called Tattoo Flash. There will most likely be books of Tattoo Flash at the tattoo studio that you end up going to, but often choosing a tattoo studio is a step that is taken later in the process of getting a tattoo. The easy alternative is: look online!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of tattoo designs out there on the web. Way too many to browse through. The best place to find your tattoo design online is through a subscription tattoo design collection. You pay a nominal fee at the beginning, but you have the advantage of looking through a collection that has already been sorted in the best of each category of tattoo style!