Watercolour tattoo style has been a new concept within the tattoo industry the past few years. The watercolour tattoo style differs greatly from traditional tattoos with its vast range of saturated colours, fluidity and free form style, so finding an artist that specialises in this new tattoo art form can take a lot of research. Here are a few of my favourite watercolour tattoo artists around Australia.

Watercolour Tattoo Artists

Maija Arminen

Kaleidoscope Tattoo – Bondi, Sydney, Australia

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Jemka (Julie Tafeuni)

Torasumi (Balmain, Sydney, Australia)

Mike Van

The Ruined (Sunbury, Victoria, Australia)

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Jess Hannigan

Inkaholics tattoo Studio (Christies Beach, South Australia, Australia)

Smel Wink

Victims of Ink (Melbourne, Victoria , Australia)

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